Who are we?

The Chinese-Polish Chamber of Commerce was created on 9 January 2018 on the initiative of Chinese and Polish entrepreneurs. CIGPL arose due to the developing cooperation between Poland and China, particularly to meet the needs of annually increasing trade in goods and services. The abbreviated name of the Chinese-Polish Chamber of Commerce is “CIGPL”, while the name in English is the “Chinese-Polish Chamber of Commerce”. The Chamber’s main seat is located at Obrzeżna 5, XIp., 02-691 Warsaw.

The Chamber of Commerce has 112 members which conduct business in the fields of advisory, legal and investment services, sales, production, trade, new technologies, science and technology, medicine, energy, hospitality and gastronomy. The activities of the Chinese-Polish Chamber of Commerce help to establish cooperation not only between members but also between external entities. The Chamber’s services may be relied upon by entities which, albeit not associated with CIGPL, are interested in our organization’s work and are willing to use its services.

The Chamber of Commerce’s activities include providing legal, business, economic and educational advice which contributes to developing mutual Polish-Chinese relations. CIGPL also willingly engages in cultural projects to promote the customs and legal cultures of both countries and bring them closer together.

Poland’s economic development and the “One Belt, One Road” initiative announced by the Chinese authorities have made Poland a country that attracts more and more foreign investors. The Chamber’s task is therefore to support foreign investors who are unfamiliar with the law and situation on the Polish market. The Chamber also aims to deepen knowledge about Chinese culture, history and society. The Chamber operates pursuant to the Act of 30 May 1989 on Chambers of Commerce (Journal of Laws No. 35, item 195, as amended) and its adopted articles of association.

The Chamber’s functions

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Supporting international economic relations and trade between business entities from the Republic of Poland and China.

International cooperation

Developing economic cooperation with domestic and foreign business entities, educational entities, self-governmental organizations and others.


Promoting economic relations and trade between business entities from the Republic of Poland and China. Supporting Polish economic interests in China and Chinese economic interests in the Republic of Poland.


rotecting and representing the interests of the Chamber’s members in their economic activities, especially in their dealings with state and local government bodies, and domestic or foreign organizations.


Collecting and disseminating information about the economic activities of the Chamber’s members.

Vocational training

Developing vocational education, especially technical training in factories, and vocational training systems for employees, in cooperation with the relevant educational authorities.

Business advice

Advising the Chamber’s associated entities on conducting trade and business negotiations, and representing the opinions of the Chamber’s members on the creation and amendment of laws which affect economic policy.

Supporting innovation

Improving the innovativeness of enterprises.

Chamber's board

The Board of the Chamber is the executive body of the Chamber, managing its day-to-day activities and representing the Chamber outside.

Management Board Members

Han Baohua


President of the Chamber

Felix - Qi Wang


Secretary General

Su Penghui


Vice president of the Board

Chai Hongyun


Member of the Board

ZHENG Zhengwei


Deputy Chairman of the Board

ZHAO Huaqiang


Member of the Board

Chamber members - Branch in Poland

Artur Michalski


Member of the Audit Committee

Cheng Jaworska Zange


Member of the Audit Committee

WU Gang


Member of the Audit Committee

Chamber members - Branch in China

LI Hong



ZHOU Huiming


Vice director, attorney at law

XING Yikui


Vice director

YANG Zhenhu


Vice director

Zhao Hu


Vice director

Zhao Xia


Secretary General


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