The celebration meeting of establishment of Chinese-Polish Chamber of Commerce


The celebration meeting of establishment of Chinese-Polish Chamber of Commerce was successfully held
On September 22, 2018, the celebration meeting of establishment of Chinese-Polish Chamber of Commerce was held in the conference hall of the Sangete Hotel in Warsaw, Poland. There were many guests attending of the celebration meeting. For Chinese side, Chinese Ambassador to Poland Liu Guangyuan, Political Counselor Yao Dongyu, Commercial Counselor Xu Xiaofeng and Consul General Zheng Hao ,Consul Wu Tianyu attended the celebration meeting. Also attending the event were some founding members of the Chinese Polish Chamber of Commerce, and corporate legal persons who had the intention to join the chamber of commence, and special guests, with a total number about 150 people.
The opening performance of the Polish Nadaryn Orchestra (Orkiestra OSP Nadarzyn) brought the atmosphere to a climax.

Liu Guangyuan, Chinese ambassador to Poland, made a keynote speech on the Belt and Road. Since the Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, it has achieved fruitful results. Poland is located at the crossroads of Europe. It is an important partner of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and “16+1 Cooperation”. In recent years, China-Poland relations have maintained a good momentum of development and China-Poland trade investment has grown steadily. The continuous development of good Sino-Polish bilateral relations has created favorable conditions for the majority of Chinese and Chinese-funded enterprises to operate in Poland. The Polish Chinese Chamber of Commerce came into being in this context. Then, Liu Guangyuan raised some hopes for the Polish Chinese Chamber of Commerce. He hoped that the Polish Chinese Chamber of Commerce would promote the active participation of the businessmen and enterprises of the two countries in the construction of the Belt and Road, give full play to the advantages of understanding the Polish market environment and institutions, and actively promote the laws of the relevant fields in Poland. Formulate suggestions and suggestions, and promote relevant laws, regulations and operating principles of Poland to Chinese businessmen, and guide Chinese businessmen to actively integrate into the local society to further consolidate China-Poland friendship.

Han Baohua, President of the Chinese Polish Chamber of Commerce, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, introducing the members of the board of the Chinese Polish Chamber of Commerce and the purpose and objectives of the establishment of the Chinese Polish Chamber of Commerce. Under the guidance and support of the relevant departments of the Chinese Embassy, and under the correct guidance of the relevant authorities in Poland, the Chinese Polish chamber of commerce make full use of the social resources of long-term Polish overseas Chinese and fully safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the members of the Chamber of Commerce and resolve the problems encountered by the member units. The common problem is to correctly guide Chinese business members to operate in a reasonable and lawful manner, learn to use laws to protect their legitimate rights and interests, promote favorable communication, convergence and cooperation between China and Poland, and serve as the title of friendly ambassador between China and Poland.

Former Polish Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechocinski made a keynote speech on the Polish economic situation. The Chief Administrative Court of Poland, Mr. Hieronim Kulczycki commented on the administrative court system in Poland. The Assistant Prime Minister of Poland, Mr. Wojeciech Majewski, read a congratulatory letter on behalf of the Polish Prime Minister’s Office. The National Chamber of Commerce of Poland, the Warsaw Representative Office of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Warsaw Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and other overseas Chinese communities also sent representatives to express their congratulations.

The Polish Chinese Chamber of Commerce was established on January 9, 2018 and officially registered in the Polish court. It is an autonomous institution created by Chinese and Polish companies associated with China-Poland economic activities and representing the interests of its members. At present, there are 112 member companies in modern service industry, manufacturing, new energy, retail and commercial trade, medicine, education, real estate, high technology, internet, hotel catering, legal services, taxation services, finance and investment, etc. Industries and fields. The establishment of the Polish Chinese Chamber of Commerce has contacted the Chinese business elite in Poland, providing services to member chambers of the Chamber of Commerce and non-members in need, establishing a platform for mutual communication of communication, communication and learning; providing a platform for investment and entrepreneurship development, promoting enterprises and upgrading Member corporate image, expanding the visibility of chambers of commerce and its members, and solving problems that Chinese companies investing in Poland encountered due to unfamiliarity with the local environment, laws and market conditions. The Chinese Polish Chamber of Commerce provides a platform for cooperation between Polish and Chinese companies at the corporate, organizational and economic levels. The Chinese Polish Chamber of Commerce is constantly developing and perfecting, which will create opportunities for the development of more enterprises.
Group photo of board members of Chinese Polish Chamber of Commerce


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